Lalitha Sahasranam

Lalita Sundari

Resources has some good resources, like all 1000 names written out along with an English definition for each, and the story of Lalitha Sahasranama.

Slokas4All has the sahasranam along with the nyasa and several dhyanams.

The Sanskrit Channel has a playlist of five lessons that walk through the stotram slowly, and the final recording is a slow chant of the whole Lalitha Sahasranam.

ManBlunder has a number of articles on the Lalitha Sahasranam.

Classes and practice sessions presented by Bhaskara Prakasha Ashram.

Avadhoota Datta Peetham has several of the Dhyana shlokas.

Background Info Videos

Performances of the sahasranam

Here is a beautiful performance, done slowly and meditatively.

Kuldeep M. Pai chants with very clear pronunciation.

And he has another beautiful video with his wife.

Another one to listen too. It's fast so it might not be the best for learning.